NHS Charities are the legal way in which each NHS Trust or Health Board can raise, manage and distribute charitable funds. Grant awards will be made to NHS Charities to enable them to provide direct financial support into their NHS Trust/Health Board Hospitals and services. Grants are being disbursed through distributions to NHS Charities in the following ways: 

  • COVID-19 Urgent response grants 
  • Community Health and Social Care Partnership Grants
  • Recovery Grants 

An initial substantial grant was made equally to each NHS Charity and the next round of grants have been made to NHS Charities based on the number of NHS employees (head count) within each corresponding Trust/ Health Board.  This means that the grant amounts are distributed in a fair and equitable way across larger and smaller Trusts/Health Boards. 

NHS Charities Together has distributed an initial grant of £35k to all of its members. That membership has increased from 140 charities when the appeal launched on 23rd March to 241 now, and each new member has been sent that initial grant. 

NHS Charities Together has also sent out a second round of grants, this time based on £7 per staff member in the NHS trust or trusts each of its member charities supports. An additional grant of £50k per member charity has also been granted, to support those disproportionally affected by Covid, such as BAME staff and communities or those with disabilities. As a result, we distributed £30m across all our member charities in that initial stage of support and another £80m is currently available to them through our Community Health and Social Care Partnership, Recovery grants programmes and urgent second wave funding.