Back in the spring, we put aside £12m from the money we raised to use in case of a second wave, hoping we wouldn’t need to call on it. Sadly, with the new lockdown and pressure rising on NHS staff and volunteers, we need it and are getting it out to NHS charities right now. NHS staff and volunteers are tired and still dealing with the impact of the first wave. They are just as anxious about what is coming as we all are, but they’re facing the twin challenge of caring for people with Covid while keeping the rest of us safe and well.

We cannot afford for their mental health and wellbeing to be a casualty, so we are working closely with NHS charities to get support to NHS staff and volunteers where they need it most right now.

NHS staff and volunteers were there for us during the first wave. They are there for us again as the second wave intensifies, so this is our chance to give something back and be there for them again.